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Fire Suppression System Services

We offer a wide rage of Fire Suppression system Services for your vessel.

Fire Suppression Inspections, Service & Certification

Fire Suppression systems are a must on any boat with an engine room or compartment. This could be a small pre-engineered suppression system or a custom engineered system to fit your yacht’s engine room. Annual Inspection and certification of your vessel’s onboard Fire Suppression System ensures your system works at all times and is required by law and your insurance company. 

Fire Water Marine Services employs highly skilled Fire and Life Safety Experts to Install, Inspect, Certify and Maintain your vessel’s Fire Suppression System including automatic shutdown systems, air intake dampers, sensors and detectors. 

What We Inspect on Your Suppression System

During your Fire Suppression System’s Annual Inspection our highly trained technicians will visually inspect all of your vessel’s Suppression System for any corrosion, cracks, leaks, missing parts or use while onboard. This includes the Agent level and tank weight, Valve Assembly, Regulator, Piping, Nozzles, Detectors, Automatic Shutdown Systems, Fire System Panels Exhaust Dampers and more! 

We also perform system testing, dumping and crew fire protection training as well.

We Service Most Fire Suppression Systems.

Fire Suppression Systems come in a variety of types, sizes, brands and Suppression Agents. Here at Fire Water our Lloyds and ABS Approved technicians can service most top brand systems including Fireboy-Xintex, Kidde and more. We can inspect any size systems from small pre-engineered pull pin systems to custom automatic superyacht engine room suppression systems. We can also work with all Fire Suppression agents including Co2, Clean Agent, FM200, Novec, Halon and FE241. Needless to say, we have you covered!

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Fire Suppression System FAQ's

We know you might have some preliminary questions before calling us, here are some that are asked.

Manufacturer Approved

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